The owners goal for this new home construction was to create a modern jewel that felt like it was dropped into a park-like setting with as minimal an impact on the natural environment as possible. This collaboration with architect Stuart Narofsky, FAIA accomplished just that!  Immediately upon entering the property at the end of a cul de sac in the Village of Sands Point, New York you are struck by the mature trees that flank the driveway. Great care was taken to inventory all existing trees for health and species and work the design around them. Permeable driveway pavers allow rainwater to immediately seep into the ground which mitigates erosion hazards and by eliminating raised curbs the grass flows right up to its edges for a clean minimalist feel. 

The plant palette of ornamental grasses, hydrangea and boxwood create clean gardens around the home that then gives way to an impressive water feature across the entire front entrance. A 30’ raised water trough starts flowing at the left side and drops into a reflecting pool that floats under the bridge walkway to the front door.  The water feature continues on to a large rectangular pool with sculpture display pedestal offset to one side (sculpture not installed at time of photography). In the rear yard, a grass courtyard is framed by stone slab steps to define an upper entertaining area that can accommodate a party tent for a large gathering but when not in use accentuates the feeling of nature coming right up the everyday use zones.  Finally, a sunken garden at basement level creates a cozy environment for a gas fire pit amongst the butterflies and hummingbirds enjoying the roses, butterfly bush, bee balm, liriope, honeysuckle and hydrangea.