This 10 acre gem at the end of a long flag lot driveway in The Incorporated Village of Old Westbury, New York stands out for a variety of reasons. From impeccable old world architecture to our client’s desire to fully utilize the extents of such a large property without having a heavy hand and taking away from the lot’s natural beauty we had our work cut out for us.  The design started with the driveway approach to the residence once you pass through the iron gates and stone piers. Two massive Oak trees were the centerpiece of the courtyard design (and namesake of the home) and we chose to pave the entire driveway with cobblestone for an old world feel as car tires rumble over the classic European granite.

The scale of the home required large outdoor entertaining spaces but it was important to maintain a human scale throughout. Across the rear of the residence we were able to create an intimate fireplace garden, cocktail area and outdoor cooking and dining room with a consistent thread of paving material but stepping stone transitions to separate each use.  New York Bluestone was used for paving material because it exhibits a unique combination of blue, gray, brown and lilac tones to compliment the hues of the stone on the house, further amplifying an old-world, classic theme initially created through the architecture. The pool, spa and cabana were sited on the centerline of the kitchen windows and a double row of Linden trees creates a beautiful European feel on the walk to the destination pool area.

This allee of trees are lit up from below and create a “forced perspective” of distance when looking from one end to the other and buffer this walk from the adjacent play lawn. To compliment the range of stone hues, plant material was selected based on leaf texture, flower color and seasonal value. Evergreen shrubs create a stable skeleton of green against the stone while ornamental grasses, flowering shrubs and perennials are present during the warmer seasons to contrast the heavy stone.