With two exceptionally different architectural styles in conversation with one another, “Modern Twist” was designed as a unique juxtaposition of two distinct design languages connected to one another through an engaging and minimalist pool environment.

While the main dwelling exhibits the traditional Gold Coast architecture of Long Island, the free-floating pool house uses large massings of natural, monotone materials to allow for a seamless integration with its surrounding environment. Sited on a declining slope adjacent to the pool house, the pool itself is oriented to maximize unobstructed views into the Long Island Sound. The infinity pool edge at the far end draws the eye to the horizon and creates serene white noise to further relax its inhabitants.  The warm hues of the travertine terrace compliments the cooler hue of the pool house brick veneer while linking both sides of the yard through open-air terrace space.

In an effort to incorporate as much green space as possible, site connections are further established through the use of stone-steppers integrated into the grass. A 4’ x 6’ green wall panel on the enclosed cube of the pool house provides a visual terminus centered on the main access path into the space establishing straight away that you are entering a special environment. 

To link the circulation on site, flowing garden beds of ornamental grasses, hydrangea  and perennial flowers are used to speak to the original design principles of the poolhouse, utilizing large swatches of similar plant materials. These large groupings create individual masses that exhibit strong, palpable areas of color that are constantly changing based on seasonal sequence of blooms.