Our senses are the primary means by which we engage with our natural and built environments and in turn have profound effects on our mental well-being. One of our favorite projects at Bayview Landscape Architecture examines how fire and water can be used to engage the senses and create truly unique experiences. 

Our client for “Elements” wanted to be able to disconnect from the hectic world beyond their property lines and enjoy the serenity that the quiet hamlet of Oyster Bay Cove, Long Island has to offer. The pool is densely screened from the driveway and road, creating a lush backdrop of Green Giant Cedars behind the pool accented by a fire trough sitting atop a cascading waterfall. The sight, smell and warmth of the fire is complemented by the soothing sound of cascading water steadily trickling into the pool. 

This approach to exemplifying the natural beauty of the fire and water elements is further elevated by the use of stone that is repeated from the Hamptons style architecture of the main dwelling. Those enjoying the space can soak up sun on the travertine terrace that remains cool on the feet all day long or enjoy shade and a drink at the covered outdoor kitchen and bar complete with TV, music speakers and ceiling fans. Evening cocktails are best enjoyed around the satellite fire pit lounge that is a short walk away from the pool area through a hydrangea walk lined with river rock.

As the sun goes down the extensive outdoor lighting goes on that beautifully illuminates the space through a combination of ground lighting, uplighting of special landscape accents and moon lighting that casts a glow and natural shadows through larger lawn areas.